London, known as a cosmopolitan city of diversity, embraces different ethnic groups, cultures, religions from all over the world. The city is a melting pot with an ethnically diverse population and over 300 spoken languages.

London, is also well-known for its artistic creativity and passion, where the tradition and the modern coexist and the global art, design and lifestyle trend arise. London, remains a dream city for the global CREATIVE CALSS.

Margrete Gotye aims to create a cool skincare & lifestyle brand for the global “CREATIVE CLASS,” who obviously understand art, appreciate quality and like being unique. The brand has the same passion, creativity and desire to inherit as the city of London.

Margrete Gotye, as a European herbal skincare brand, collected more than 40 of Juan Ponce de León’s secret formulations. The brand combines the ancient methods of extraction and preservation of natural herbal ingredients with modern cosmetic technologies to make products tailored to higher demand of modern skin problems caused by pollution and high pressure. Margrete Gotye is writing the modern-day legend of “Fountain of Youth”.

Margrete Gotye has reached a long-term cooperation with a number of European medicinal botanical gardens, and funded their botanic research and rare plant protection, which also ensures the reliability and effectiveness of the Margaret Gotye’s herbal skincare formula.

Today, Margrete Gotye (London) has entered China to provide more creative and diverse skincare choices as well as new lifestyle experience for “THE CREATIVE CLASS” in China.