London, a multiethnic metropolis and cosmopolitan city with inhabitants from around the world, is a diverse mix of races, religions and cultures. More than 300 languages are spoken here. It is a city full of creativity and passion when it comes to art, boasting a perfect blend of traditional and modern styles. It is the birthplace of emerging art design and lifestyle trends, and is the most coveted city by the creative class worldwide.

MARGRETE GOTYE® is committed to creating a cool private skin care and lifestyle brand for the creative class. Like London, MARGRETE GOTYE® is also full of creativity and passion and strongly identifies with traditional inheritance, serving a creative class knowledgeable about the fine arts, quality conscious and always looking for something that sets them apart.

MARGRETE GOTYE® has collected more than 40 ancient beauty formulas that had been found in the exploration records of Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon. Through a combination of ancient herbal formulations and beauty methods enhanced by the latest production technologies, the company strives to meet the higher demand for skin care amid today’s environmental pollution and increased life pressures, helping women (and men) improve their skin in the shortest time and maintain a youthful appearance.

MARGRETE GOTYE® has established long-term relationships with several medicinal botanical gardens in Europe, with the company providing funds to support these gardens’ plant research and to aid in their plant protection. The cooperation further ensures the reliability and effectiveness of MARGRETE GOTYE®’s plant formulas.
Now, MARGRETE GOTYE® is available in China and will provide a wide array of refreshing and interesting products to suit the various lifestyles of the creative class in China.