Oat-molecular power shield restore essence


Advanced therapeutic beauty serum with 0 additive

Oat Repair Serum  

Quadruple skincare efficacy:Repair,Moisturizing、Firming、Anti-aging

“A serum improving your skin in all seasons”—- defends against signs of premature aging—and visibly diminishes their appearance.

Specifically formulated to support skin’s natural barrier function and protect sensitive skin.

“Effective for all skin type, A ‘magic’ beauty product.”

Contains up to 70% Oat Beta Glucan(SymGlucan®

Effectively promotes the renewal of the skin’s upper layers

A combination between nature and modern technology.

Other Ingredients:

“Tremella Heteropoly polysaccharide” extracted from wild tremella with traditional planting method, infuses skin with an intense surge of moisture and significantly promotes hydration in horny layer.

Carnosine, cleans damaged cell membranes, which otherwise causes aging problem.

Polyol botanical anticorrosion mechanism

How to Use

After cleansing, apply as the first step in your routine, AM and PM. Use the dropper to give several drops of serum with each application. Smooth in gently all over face and throat. Follow with your usual routine.

(Use this serum as the only skincare product when you have severe allergy or acne problem )

High concentration of active ingredients. Recommend a 30-day application at least to maximizes effect.


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